Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer your questions.

It’s simple: Choose the package that suits your needs and budget. Send us a job description, or talk to us about your needs so we can create one for you. We’ll advertise your job on the job boards included in your package that same day. From there, the candidates will apply and you will have access to every application. You can hire as many applicants as you like at no extra cost; you pay for the advertisement, NOT the hire.

We can have it posted the same day, as long as we receive it before 4pm.

Your job posting will be live within a couple hours of posting and you will start to receive resumes from then.

Your job posting is seen on the premium UK job boards that are within your chosen package and our social networking sites. Please see package details for these details.

Your advert is live for 4 - 6 weeks. Most of the job boards advertise for 6 weeks, however a select few expire after 28 days.

Absolutely! Check out our guide to writing great job descriptions. If you're still struggling, we can help you with constructing the perfect job description that is optimised for the job boards to yield the best results.

No. And nor do we want to be. With our solution, you are in complete control of your hiring process. We’re faster, cheaper and more efficient than a recruitment agency. We simply advertise your job advert across the top national job boards, exposing it to millions of active candidates. From there, all CV’s are sent to you directly, where you can choose to interview and hire as many applicants as you like.

We’re not bashing recruiters, we’re just a different, much cheaper option. We charge per job advertisement, NOT per hire. We charge a one-off low cost price where you can hire as many applicants as you like; recruiters charge per hire and take a percentage of salary, sometimes meaning your hire can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Why put all of your eggs in one basket? Many candidates are registered on just one site, and will only check their favoured job board when looking for a new role. What if the perfect candidate is only checking Monster, but you only advertise on Reed? Advertising your job across multiple job boards ensures your job is seen by the top talent currently looking for a new challenge.

We have an existing relationship with the job boards that allow us to post your job across the best national, sector-specific and location-specific job boards for a low-cost. The average job posting will cost you £150 EACH directly with the job boards; we can post your job to over 100+ job boards saving you thousands of pounds.

Ready to flood the job boards?

Get your job advert seen by millions of candidates across the best national, region-specific and industry relevant job boards.