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With the use of self service technology, we’ve been successfully guiding our customers through these delicate dilemmas for the past 20 years. Our flexible approach to delivering tailored systems means we can provide our customers with modern solutions to age old problems.
Whether it’s processing payments faster, getting tickets in the hands of customers, or reaching new markets, Cammax are experts in helping organisations realise the benefits that self service systems deliver.

It’s hard to believe that just 15 years ago, our focus was providing payment kiosks for mobile phone top ups in retail stores, but those are the roots from which Cammax has grown to become widely recognised as the “go to” people for all things self service.

Whilst technology has moved along at an incredible pace since our founding, the goals are still the same. The questions being asked are can we do it quicker? Cheaper? Can we reach new markets or customer groups? Can we launch a new product or boost sales of an existing product?

Cammax has been addressing these questions for almost two decades, providing easy to use, cost effective solutions to these problems and many more.

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